Company Mentors—Advise an early-stage entrepreneur!

Whether you’re an investor, industry executive, attorney, policymaker, or another seasoned professional or entrepreneur, venture teams can benefit from your experiences and networks.

You understand that there are many complexities with starting and scaling a new venture. You welcome the opportunity to share candid stories of how you overcame obstacles and learned from your failures. Not only do you offer wisdom, experience, and grit, you know and represent the power of humility and empathy.  You are not just an expert in your field, but you also have a passion for serving in community and creating equitable spaces for all people.

Elevate Advisors serve as members on an advisory board made up of a mix of people who have grown successful companies, worked with venture-backed companies, experienced being founders of color, and/or successfully navigated difficult professional situations. You also have and share your self-care routines, time management systems, and other ways you stay balanced enough to run your business and/or lead change, care for your family, and serve in your community.

+ Ideal Areas of Expertise

WEPOWER seeks to build diverse and dynamic advisory boards made of people with one or more of the following areas of expertise.

  • Entrepreneur Support
  • Administration & Management
  • Start-Up Experience
  • Founder of a Successful Venture
  • Raising Capital & Investment Management (i.e. due diligence)
  • Mental Health/Wellness
  • IT/Technology Development Strategy* (contingent upon type of venture)
  • Selected by Venture Founder(s)
  • Expert in the Industry Area of the Venture
  • Change Management

+ Expected Commitment

As a member of the advisory board for one of WEPOWER’s venture teams, you will be expected to commit to six months of engagement. The first month will involve a two-hour onboarding experience and venture match-making process. The next five months will involve monthly 90-minute to two-hour advisory sessions with the venture team.

+ After Six-Months, We Will Celebrate…

  1. A venture achieving tangible and measurable growth, including reaching 2 to 3 agreed upon milestones throughout the accelerator program.
  2. The venture team feeling supported and empowered to lead venture growth and prepared to navigate challenges and opportunities beyond the formal accelerator program.

+ You Will...

  • Serve as a broker between the venture team and your network and provide meaningful connections and introductions.
  • Continuously affirm the venture team, their identity, abilities, and potential to achieve impact and growth.
  • During advising sessions, serve as a partner on strategy development, problem solving, accountability around reaching key milestones and benchmarks, network building, and social emotional wellbeing.

+ Ideal Experiences & Skillsets

  • Have connections in community (business, media, political, philanthropic/foundations, nonprofit, civic, grassroots)
  • Have great leadership qualities (team/bridge builder, good communicator, strategist, visionary/big picture thinker, facilitator, achiever and results oriented)
  • Have real-life success stories of how you’ve had to apply the advice you’re sharing.
  • Have spent time helping to improve the community through acts of service
  • Are an expert in one of the the areas listed in the section above.
  • Have experience with and are comfortable engaging and supporting Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who are often underrepresented and underestimated.

+ Benefits

We acknowledge that you will be sharing your time and talent with WEPOWER and the venture team you support. That’s an invaluable contribution, and we want to acknowledge you as a member of the WEPOWER family. Checkout of the benefits of being an Advisory Board Member:

  • Access and introductions to St. Louis’ Black and Latinx startups
  • Ability to network with like-minded professionals and business experts
  • Featured on our website as “Startup Advisors”
  • Hands-on experience with helping to build startups from the ground up
  • Bi-annual celebration events

+ Selection Process

  • ROUND 1: Complete volunteer application and, if selected, all safety and compliance documents.
  • ROUND 2: Attend exploratory meeting with the WEPOWER team.
  • START: Participate in the onboarding experience.

Elevate/Elevar Company Mentors

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