Subject Matter Experts—Share your expertise!

Channel your passionate for mentoring entrepreneurs by hosting volunteer office hours with Elevate/Elevar Accelerator’s early-stage entrepreneurs. Problem solve and game plan with our founders. Teach them how to integrate strong practices into their models.

As Elevate Subject Matter Experts—attorneys, accountants, marketing and HR professionals—commit to advise and guide, to accelerate growth, and to provide an educational relationship as founders develop their companies infrastructure for ongoing scale, sustainability, and success. Each expert co-designs a six-month roadmap with key milestones for companies to reach during the Elevate Accelerator.

+ Responsibilities

  • Provide subject matter insight and information that is relevant to the company and where they are in the entrepreneur cycle.
  • Review key documents and tools with companies as they are developing and iterating them (i.e. profit vs. loss sheets, marketing/branding plans, legal and business formation documents, contracts, position descriptions).
  • Keep all business information confidential learned in the course of mentoring.
  • Have fun! Continuously affirm the company team, their identity, abilities, and potential.
  • During office hours, serve as a partner on strategy development and problem solving. Share real life stories, when possible.
  • Providers will be expected to commit to at least 8 hours per month/ 2 hours per week, ideally on Wednesdays.

+ Ideal Experiences & Skillsets

  • 3+ years of experience in your field
  • Have great leadership qualities (team/bridge builder, good communicator, strategist, visionary/big picture thinker, facilitator, achiever and results oriented)
  • Have real-life success stories of how you’ve had to apply the advice you’re sharing.
  • Have spent time helping to improve the community through acts of service
  • Are an expert in one of the the areas listed in the section above.
  • Have experience with and are comfortable engaging and supporting Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who are often underrepresented and underestimated.

+ Benefits

We acknowledge that you will be sharing your time and talent with WEPOWER and the venture team you support. That’s an invaluable contribution, and we want to acknowledge you as a member of the WEPOWER family. Checkout of the benefits of being a Subject Matter Expert:

  • Access and introductions to St. Louis’ Black and Latinx startups
  • Ability to network with like-minded professionals and business experts
  • Featured on our website as “Subject Matter Expert”
  • Hands-on experience with helping to build startups from the ground up
  • Bi-annual celebration events

+ On-boarding Process

  • ROUND 1: Complete volunteer application and, if selected, all safety and compliance documents.
  • ROUND 2: Meet with a member of the WEPOWER team.
  • START: Welcome! Attend the on-boarding experience.

Elevate/Elevar Subject Matter Experts

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