Activate Changemakers

Power-Building Academy 


The Power-Building Academy is an entry point for community members who want to lead change. Over seven months, a place-based class of up to 35 residents partner with WEPOWER to learning, collaborate, and take action.


Residents—AKA Power-Builders—work to achieve policy change that strengthens outcomes for kids in their community.


Do you believe that all of our children deserve access to an excellent education?


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the requirements?

Power-Builders are required to attend meetings. We ask you approach the academy as a journey towards leading change instead of a one-and-done experience.

+ What’s the time commitment?

The Academy lasts seven months. Each month has 15-hour minimum commitment.

We understand things come up. You can miss up to 12 hours. If you're able to please let us know if you can't make a session. The WEPOWER team will work to help catch you up.

Email Gloria ( or 314-283-3589) for a scheudle.

+ What is the cost?

There is no cost to be a Power-Builder. In fact, Power-Builders receive $350 in grant funding over the course of the academy for their time and participation.

+ Is childcare offered?

Yes, we offer child care at meetings in a nearby room. The meals and snacks provided to Power-Builders are also available for children in childcare.

+ What area do you have to live in?

The Academy that starts in the summer of 2019 is for residents of North and West St. Louis City. If accepted, you will need to provide proof of residence.

Residents outside of these areas are welcome to fill out applications now to show interest, but they are not eligible for this summer's Academy. WEPOWER will follow up with you in the future if we plan a upcoming Academy in your area. We plan to partner with residents in East St. Louis, Illinois and South St. Louis City in the near future.

+ What will we create in the Academy?

The group will work to develop a campaign for equitable education policy solutions. To learn about the amazing things our last two cohorts of Power-Builders accomplished, checkout the Rise 189 Campaign and the Better Budgets Better Schools Campaign linked below.

I’m always looking for ways to improve the education system that my daughter has to grow up in — that I grew up in. I know this is a start.
— Alexis Bates, Power-builder


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